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Corporate Governance

  • Public and private sector corporations
  • Government and non-government organizations
Is your board adding the most possible value?

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The right skillsets, the right processes, a structure for success and defined board deliverables consistently characterize high-performance boards.

Building boards that add more value

An active, involved board is a common characteristic among leading organizations in every sector. With the right systems, structures and composition, your board will make a substantial, direct contribution that will help you succeed and achieve your goals.

Maximizing Board Value

Board Dynamics can help your board maximize the value it adds by:
  • Bringing the right skillsets to the board – helping you define what capabilities you need at your board table, providing objective assessment of your current directors or CEO and helping you recruit the best board members or senior management.
  • Creating a structure for success – determining the configuration, policies and procedures that will support and nurture a highly productive board.
  • Defining board deliverables – setting clear, achievable goals and developing the assessment tools to regularly assess board performance.

Ensuring Consistent Board Effectiveness

Structures, practices and protocols as well as informed and engaged directors are the foundation of high-level board performance.

Board Dynamics has the expertise, experience and objectivity to look at your current situation and develop a tailored package of support services that will enhance productivity and make sitting directors’ time at your board table a more positive experience, through:
  • Board orientation – developing or standardizing orientation so that every new director is comfortable in their role and able to hit the ground running.
  • Growth and renewal practices – ensuring that board members are regularly challenged and motivated to be involved and creative.
  • Policy review and development – maintaining board policies that are current, relevant and meaningful.
  • Process development – setting up meeting and decision-making processes that help your board to work productively and efficiently.

Resolving the Difficult Situations

Conflicts can happen, even in the most positive situations. Performance issues, disagreements and even out-and-out wars can rob a board of momentum and positive focus. As an independent third party, Board Dynamics can offer:
  • Experience and expertise – the firm is well-versed in a broad range of conflict resolution strategies and practices.
  • Objectivity – Board Dynamics’ only allegiance is to our clients and their organizations.
  • Confidentiality and discretion – what happens in the boardroom stays in the boardroom.
  • Workable solutions – whatever the magnitude of the issue, Board Dynamics has a proven record of effective resolution.

Board Dynamics can sit down with you, talk about your situation and discuss how we could help. Give us a call or drop us a line today