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Every organization and company needs strong leadership. No matter how you define success, you need the best possible board of directors to guide you there.

Board Dynamics - Governance

Board Dynamics, Saskatchewan’s first professional consultancy devoted entirely to governance, was established in 2005 by Irene Seiferling, an accredited corporate director and a certified family business adviser with over 30 years of local, national and international experience in governance and business.

Board Dynamics - Mission

To help our clients build a robust governance system and a high-performance board of directors.


Board Dynamics - Vision

Boards of directors that add value and achieve results for their company or organization.


Services Overview

Board Dynamics is in the business of corporate governance consulting and succession planning.

Board Dynamics works with clients of all types, sizes and stages to build high quality governance systems and high performance boards, including:

  • Public and private businesses
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Professional service firms
  • Government organizations
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Start-up boards
  • Mature boards
  • Boards looking for improvements and tune-ups
  • Boards facing challenges


Corporate Governance Services

Board Dynamics provides a range of board governance services based on the specific needs of individual clients. These services include:

  • Training, coaching, relationship building – Board, chair, CEO, committees.
  • Building the board
    • Board composition
    • Succession planning for the board, CEO, board chair, committee chairs
    • The right board committees
  • Performance Assessment - evaluation of the Board, Chair, Committees and CEO.
  • Board Work Processes
    • Effective and productive board meetings
    • Sound and ethical decision-making processes.
    • User-friendly board policies. o Board orientation.
    • Strategic planning and risk assessment.
  • Shareholder and stakeholder Relations
  • Board cultures - culture assessments.
  • Troubleshooting
    • Dealing with governance problems.
    • Discrete problem-solving.


Succession Planning Services

As an independent adviser to family businesses and professional practices, Board Dynamics works with clients to develop:

  • Succession plans that deliver smooth transitions and ensure business continuity
  • Appropriate exit strategies
  • Communication plans and critical conversation engagement with key people: firm partners, family members, employees, colleagues
  • Means to address conflict
  • Appropriate governance systems to meet future needs, including boards of directors, advisory boards, family councils, management committees, owner’s councils.


Board Dynamics can sit down with you, talk about your situation and discuss how we could help. Give us a call or drop us a line today